CrystalPvP-based Survival and Practice
Keep Scrolling!

Large Community

LucentPvP provides a large and supportive community,
for those who are new to Minecraft, or those who are veterans.

Multiple Gamemodes

Survival? LucentPvP has that. Practice? LucentPvP also has that.
LucentPvP provides multiple CrystalPvP-oriented gamemodes for you to enjoy.

Friendly Moderation Team

LucentPvP's top-notch moderation team helps with bug-fixes, player disputes and
server development. They are always there to help.

P2W? Never.

LucentPvP is a non-P2W server. You cannot purchase items using real money.
Ranks are purely cosmetic and do not provide any gameplay advantages [1].
We believe that everyone should have a fair chance.

What are you waiting for?