Server Rules

Respect all players

Be respectful to all players.
You are encouraged to act kindly to others to ensure a safe and welcoming enviroment.
Inappropriate content of any sort will not be tolerated as they may be hurtful to players.

Advertising is prohibited

You are not allowed to advertise any third party of any form. Whether its a website or product, this behaviour is not permitted.

Do not ask for private information and/or try to obtain it

Asking or forcing someone to provide their sensitive and/or personal information is not permitted in any form.

Report all bugs and issues to the Lucent Staff team

Taking advantage of or simply not reporting a bug is not permitted.
These bugs include, but are not limited to, game-breaking exploits that give a player an advantage over others.

Rule breakers should be reported to the Lucent Staff team

Harboring or keeping a rule breaker safe from punishment is strictly forbidden.
You are to report any rule breakers to the Lucent Staff team.